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March 17, 2017
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The Nokia Brick is back

As we said in the glory days of Nokia, the company’s stubby phones would last forever. Nokia, or at least the company now licensing its brand, did its best to remind us of that in Barcelona when it rebooted one of its best-selling models ever, the 3310. The device isn’t pretty, and it does barely anything, but neither of those attributes has stopped a wave of fascination (and the requisite backlash) over the “new” version of a phone that landed in our pockets 17 years ago. You get a month of battery life, but you’ll have to give up your apps and touchscreen. The new Nokia 6, and the 5 and 3, have all of the modern phone smarts, but they were overshadowed at the show by their smaller, simpler sibling.

The Nokia lineup is just one refrain in a nostalgia theme that dominated Mobile World Congress. With the BlackBerry KeyOne, TCL revived the phone that gave us all sore thumbs. Though running Android, it has signature BlackBerry characteristics like BlackBerry Hub and gasp a physical keyboard.

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